12 Month Wedding Check List:
This month-by-month checklist will help to keep you on task and organized! The more organized you are, the less stress you will be on your special day!
Put a check mark on each item when you have taken action.
12 months before your wedding:
____ 1. Inform both parties' parents, close friends and relatives and share your joy and good news!
____ 2. Have an engagement party so that both families and friends can meet!
____ 3. Apply for marriage license (depends on country and state)
____ 4. Go for blood test
____ 5. Place ad on newspaper, create a wedding website and announce it there, email to all
____ 6. Brainstorm on your wedding theme: is it formal or casual?
____ 7. Work on the budget list for all wedding items and services (see Budgeting for Wedding)
____ 8. Start work on your guest list
____ 9. Select and reserve wedding ceremony and reception venues
____ 10. Choose and book wedding officiant
____ 11. Choose your wedding theme and decorations
____ 12. Select and meet caterers, wedding florist, and entertainers
____ 13. Schedule food tasting
____ 14. Schedule audition for entertainers (if possible)
____ 15. Choose and hire wedding planner
10 months before your wedding:
____ 16. Choose and confirm bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girls,page boys, drivers and ushers
____ 17. Start making you wedding favors
____ 18. Start keeping your hair long if you want to have a vary of hairdos for the wedding(resist going for haircuts)
8-10 months before your wedding:
____ 19. Shop and choose or custom made your wedding gown and tuxedos (important wedding checklist!)
____ 20. Shop for accessories like wedding shoes, veil and gloves
____ 21. Shop for evening gown (if you are planning for a dinner party)
____ 22. Shop and choose bridesmaids dresses (see evening gowns)
____ 23. Shop for wedding rings (if you have not done so)
____ 24. Seal the date and venue of wedding - sign contract with the hotel, restaurant, etc
____ 25. Sign contracts with caterer, florist and entertainers
____ 26. Wedding photography - choose and confirm wedding photographer and videographer
____ 27. Start to learn how to use contact lenses - you will need time to perfect the skill (omit this if you are perfect sighted - lucky you!)
____ 28. Start your honeymoon planning now
____ 29. Choose, select and order your dream wedding cake! Go and try those yummy cakes personally
____ 30. Book wedding accommodations for your out of town relatives
____ 31. Book welcome gifts for out of town relatives
____ 32. Arrange for and book transportation for out-of-town relatives and wedding couple entourage
____ 33. Start your health and beauty regimen (if you have not already been doing)
____ 34. Choose your wedding songs
 5-6 months before your wedding:
____ 35. Select a gift registry
____ 36. Purchase your wedding favors
____ 37. Purchase your wedding gifts for your parents, wedding party, bridesmaids, groomsmen and so on.
____ 38. Book and confirm your honeymoon package
____ 39. Buy luggage, honeymoon travel essentials
____ 40. Brief photographer and videographer
____ 41. Schedule your wedding rehearsal
____ 42. Attend other weddings
____ 43. Take your indoor and outdoor photography and videography
____ 44. Make an appointment with your makeup artist to try different makeup and hairdos
____ 45. Meet with your wedding officiant and discuss wedding procedures
____ 46. Select or order groom's tuxedo and groomsmen wear
____ 47. Schedule rehearsal for wedding
 2-3 months before your wedding:
____ 48. Discuss and confirm wedding menu with caterer
____ 49. Discuss wedding decorations with florist or designer
____ 50. Send out your wedding invitations
____ 51. Make a RSVP list (it is good to have the new contacts and type it in the computer, you may use the same list for the Thank You cards after the wedding)
____ 52. Write your wedding vows and remember them
____ 53. write your wedding speeches (Note: very important wedding checklist)
 The MONTH of your wedding:
____ 54. Get a floor plan of the seat down dinner and start planning a draft allocation
____ 55. Get help from mum or dad to contact those who have not yet RSVP
____ 56. Final fitting of wedding gown (go with groom to be - he will help you carry the heavy stuff and bridesmaid - she will be able to help with the train and know the wedding gown before the wedding day)
____ 57. Have a Bachelor and Bachelorette party at the same time! It will be one of your most fun wedding planning checklist!
____ 58. Wedding ceremony rehearsal with officiant, bridesmaids and groomsmen, helpers and answer any last minute questions
____ 59. Pack welcome gifts or baskets for out-of-town guests
____ 60. Print wedding program, song sheets and vows (if you are having a religious ceremony)
 Two weeks before your wedding:
____ 61. Allocate and arrange seating places
____ 62. Contact all services providers (florists, caterer, entertainers, transport, baker, hotel, photographer etc)
____ 63. Give headcount and any instructions for special diets such as: vegetarian, halal, baby food (if available) etc)
____ 64. Season your wedding shoes and try walking on both carpeted surface and non carpeted surface at home
____ 65. Arrange for gardener/pet hostel/someone to air the house and empty any residual water around the house etc while you go for honeymoon after the wedding ceremony
____ 66. Arrange to stop the deliveries of mail/newspapers etc when you are on honeymoon
____ 67. Pick up your wedding gown and tuxedo
____ 68. Provide your family member your honeymoon travel plans and contact
Your wedding planning checklist - The DAY before your wedding
The night before your wedding day can be filled with anxiety and stress, do keep this list and check the items carefully. If necessary, get your wedding planner and or bridesmaids to help to go through all the items.
The Bride:
A. Wedding gown:
____ 69. Gown ironed? Standby steam iron in case of ceases
____ 70. Veil and head piece
____ 71. Gloves
____ 72. Garter
____ 73. Undergarments (bra, extra paddings, corset, panties)
____ 74. Wedding Shoes
____ 75. Jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet)
____ 76. Hairpins
B. Makeup and Hair:
____ 77. Makeup (Foundation, Loose powder, eyeliner, mascara, lip sticks, lip gloss, lip pencil,eye shadows, eyebrow pencil, blusher etc)
____ 78. If you have engaged a makeup and hair professional call her to remind her of the appointment
____ 79. Have a manicure and pedicure done
____ 80. Hair curler or Curling iron
____ 81. Comb and hairbrush
____ 82. Compact mirror
____ 83. Tissues, facial cotton
____ 84. Quick-fix eye makeup remover (for smeared mascara it happens even for waterproof ones)
____ 85. Hairspray, gel and black bobby pins (for up dos)
____ 86. Body and face glitter powder for glowing effect
____ 87. Handbag size perfume
C. Essential/emergency items:
____ 88. Travel size sewing kit
____ 89. Medicine
____ 90. Mint sweets
____ 91. Anti-perspiration deodorant
____ 92. Menstrual pads or tubes
____ 93. extra hosiery
____ 94. safety pins
____ 95. Lipstick and mirror
The Groom:
A. Tuxedo
____ 96. Long Sleeves shirts
____ 97. Trousers
____ 98. Ties or bow ties
____ 99. Tuxedo
____ 100. Cuff links
____ 101. Socks
____ 102. Handkerchief
____ 103. Shoes (shined?)
B.Miscellaneous Items (This can be placed in the ladies room and or your wedding planner could have these items available):
____ 104. Loose powder
____ 105. Hairspray and hair gel
____ 106. Perfume
____ 107. NAIL Clipper
____ 108. Wedding rings
____ 109. Wedding rings pillow
____ 110. Bibles
____ 111. Wedding Flowers, hand bouquets and flower baskets
____ 112. Bridal bouquet
____ 113. Tissues box
____ 114. Wedding vows
____ 115. Wedding guest book and pen
____ 116. Wedding photographs taken earlier
____ 117. Video or slides show for guests during reception or dinner
____ 118. Gifts for wedding party
____ 119. Extra empty bags for carrying/bringing back wedding gifts
____ 120. House keys
Change for the reception:
____ 121. New outfit
____ 122. Shoes and and hosiery
____ 123. Another set of undergarments to suit the new outfit
____ 124. Accessories (evening bag, headpiece, jewelry)
Change for going away for honeymoon immediately after wedding
____ 125. Get your ready luggage and have them in the car waiting for an immediate get away
____ 126. Wedding planer/maid-of-honor call wedding cakes supplier, transport, caterer and other suppliers
____ 127.Wedding planner should call all helpers for a briefing session, to be held two hours before ceremony on wedding day
The Night Before:
Eat properly and get some rest!
____ 128. Bring your wedding planning checklist
____ 129. Enjoy yourself and have a FUN!
Happy Wedding Planning- Simply Elegant Events!
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