Responsibilities of the Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids:
  • Helps the bride choose the Maid of Honor’s and Bridesmaid’s attire.
  • Helps address invitations and place cards.
  • Attend as many prenuptial events as possible.
  • Organizes gift to the bride; usually gives an individual gift to the couple as well.
  • Attends the rehearsal and is included at the rehearsal dinner.
  • Takes part in the processional and recessional.
  • Holds the ring which the bride will present to the groom (Maid Of Honor).
  • Helps maintain the bride’s gown before, during, and after the ceremony.
  • Ensures that the bridal gown and accessories are well cared for after the wedding and until the bride is able to have them attended to.
  • The  Maid of Honor arranges the bride's veil and train for the processional, recessional and photography.
  • During the ceremony, the Maid of Honor holds the bride's bouquet.
  • If there is receiving line, the Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids usually stands in it.
  • Responsible for making sure the bride adheres to the schedule.
  • The Maid of the Honor and Bridesmaids are expected to pay for her own wedding attire.
  • The Maid of Honor and the Bridesmaids are expected to plan the bachelorette party.
  • While the Maid of Honor and the Bridesmaids are not required to host the bridal shower. Ms. Post notes that the family of the bride is not to do it. This generally leaves the attendants (of which the maid of honor is the head attendant) to throw the shower. We suggest that the maid of honor co-host the bridal shower along with the members of the bridal party.
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