Centerpieces By Simply Elegant Events
Simply Elegant Events can provide you with the following arrangements for an additional cost.
Floating Orchids with Four Votive and Square Mirrors
Floating Orchids with Four Votive Candles, Square Mirror with Bling!
White Candles with Bling Bling!
White Candles in a Circular Dish with Clear and White Marbles
Sweet Dreams Candy Station
White Hydrangeas with White Calla Lilies and Gerber Daisies
                            Hurricane Lamp with Mirror and Floral Ring                       
  Eiffel Tower Centerpiece
Fish Bowl Centerpiece with Floating Candles and Roses
Black Magic Roses in a Bud Vase
Cream Hydrangeas with Orange Circus Roses
Carnation Pomander Ball
Tall Trumpet Centerpieces (Arranged By Bonnie's Wondergardens)
Submerged Rose In a Vase
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